Be A Think Tank

PGT, being “out of the box IT company”, thinks differently. We believe you should be known for who you are. To recognize you for your talent, PGT warmly welcomes you to share your views and ideas, you will get recognize for who you are, and what you contributed to the world. PGT needs to review the viability and practical aspect of your idea and vision, before making any decision. We think, and know you agree with us and it make sense. Try to be clear in your thoughts, its productivity and practical aspects of implementation. Make clear notes and then send to us.

PGT believes in your ability & wish to reward you for your “out of box” thinking.

If you are a thinker, planner, visionary we are here for you to reward you !

Visit our website, go topic to topic and let us know what do you think, that can be unique and profitable for us. If you really hit the “G” spot ( Global Spot ) we will like to have you with us in a long run. Your ideas and efforts will be rewarded.

Your ideas will be evaluated by our team of experts and we will contact you, how we are going to materialize it and what will be your compensation and rewards. What relationship PGT will like to have with you. PGT will recognize you for your “thinking”, “ideas” and feature you on our website or any new product(s) or services based on your “out of the box” thinking / vision.

Please feel free to write us –

We highly appreciate your involvement in making PGT as a “out of the box” IT company.


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