Supervisor’s Training

Being a supervisor in cleaning industry is one of the most challenging jobs now a days. A supervisor is considered as the face of organization at the location, also supervisor is responsible for keeping the promises made to the clients, performances exceeding expectations, maintaining a workforce focused and result driven and also the first person in need at the building whether its building management or cleaning crew.

Following skills sets are required to become a successful supervisor and PGT aims to provide best training in following disciplines –

  1. Team Management
  2. Time Management
  3. Training Crew Members
  4. Counseling Crew Members
  5. Performance assessment
  6. Performance Management
  7. Implementing a Policy and Organize Activities
  8. Understanding of Commercial Cleaning and Residential Cleaning
  9. Assertive Communication
  10. Workforce Motivation
  11. Leadership

Apart from these mandatory skills PGT focuses to provide “essential work training” which is outlined below –

  1. Assigning the Work to the Employees.
  2. Handling Orders and Supplies
  3. Maintain & Improve optimum productivity.
  4. Prepare Work Orders
  5. Attendance & Payroll Activity
  6. Vendor Management
  7. Inspections and Reporting
  8. Non-Disciplinary Warning
  9. Disciplinary Actions
  10. Corrective Action Stretagies
  11. Overtime Rotation, Tracking & Management
  12. Proactive Approach
  13. Emergency Protocol
  14. Workplace Incident / Accident reporting


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