Safety Training [ OSHA ]

Understanding how to safely perform one’s job responsibilities in the facility maintenance profession relies on an understanding of safety protocols in a variety of low risk and high risk situations. To ensure, the staff is knowledgeable and practices in current safety approaches, through this training each staff experiences a series of courses and workshops designed to certify their level of expertise.

Training Module includes but not limited to –

  1. Basic safety procedures : material handling practices, PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment), Spills and Cleanups, MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), Basic safe handling practices
  2. Environmental Hazards : Asbestos, Lead, Air Monitoring, Decontamination
  3. OSHA 10 Safety Certification
  4. OSHA 30 Safety Certification
  5. OSHA Train the Trainer Certification
  6. High risk construction safety training for janitorial employees : Scaffolding, electrical Safety, Safety measures in Confined spaces
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