Janitorial Training

Understanding the scope and responsibilities of a building maintenance assignment depends on a knowledgeable, trained and motivated staff. This program focuses on specific job training to those who are interested in building maintenance and janitorial best practices.
Cleaning, maintaining and preserving facilities are building life-cycle skill sets indispensable for positioning corporate real estate assets. In this training program we introduce the notion that cleaning is in fact more than “cleaning”. Each participant, regardless of prior education or training is encouraged to participate in a planned series of intensive workshops and on-going advanced learning and training to ensure they learned and that they are knowledgeable, honed their skills in basic and advanced janitorial services.

Courses and Workshops includes but not limited to –

  • Basic Care
  • Cleaning Products
  • Green Cleaning Strategies and Approaches
  • Porter Training
  • Foreman Training
  • Construction Clean Up [ Interior and In-Occupancy ]
  • Specialty Janitorial Services I : Interiors [ Carpet, Upholstery, Special Care Items ]
  • Specialty Janitorial Services II : Exteriors [ Metal, Marble and Wood Restoration, Glass Care ]
  • Computer & High Tech. Cleaning



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