Frontline Client Experience

Best Practices in Frontline Client Experience

Employees play a valuable role in creating and maintaining client loyalty in an uncontrolled environment. A client’s positive or negative experience with company depends on the quality of services rendered by the front liners.

First Impression is the last impression and therefore is difficult to change. As a result, it is extremely important that serves on the from line should be consistently excellent, based on the client’s standard of excellence.

In this module, we shatter the “one size fits all” paradigm.

This training course focuses on enhancing an Employee’s insight into how their perspectives, behaviors and attitude impact a client’s perception of services. Participants will learn effective techniques for improving communication and handling difficult situations.

Using simulations, Video and Checklists, this program sharply focuses on client-experience best practices. it is designed to impress upon participants the business rationale behind decision – making by creating scenarios using the employee’s personal experiences as a client itself.

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