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In your Job search and Career Stability, PGT is with you. Please fill up Registration Form

This registration is necessary for you to get in touch with us, and we value your privacy. We do not disclose your information to any third party. We do not ask for any sensitive information, just for means of communication, preferably email or a working contact number,  in case we have some job or interviews available for you.

How Placement Support Works –

[ Registration Form –> Evaluation of your requirement –> PGT Suggestions –> Required Enrolment into a custom Training / Program / Job Search –> One on One Counseling –> Interview Preparation –> Refer to a Job –> Job Interview –> Placement ]

Placement Support is for All Temp. / Full time Employees

Its our immense pleasure to announce placement supports for Temporary and Full time employment. Placement Support is an initiative of Proxor Global Technoserve Inc. to help you to get support in getting better paying jobs, better opportunities, improvement of your skills and finally the goal is to uplift your life’s economic graph through our dedicated efforts and highly professional team members working 24×7 for you. The idea is to help you at lowest possible cost. We are working hard to make it possible. The good thing is – We come up with a program for you.

If you are – Commercial Cleaners, Housekeepers, Handyman, Utility Workers, Foreman, Supervisors, Seasonal Workers, Paid Volunteers and All other category employee or employment seeker who are unemployed or looking for better opportunity and career advancement through intensive coaching and training. You must get enrolled. Get registered and make future stable.

Your Eligibility to be part of our program is as follows –

  1. Permanent Residents
  2. Authorized to Work in United States
  3. Temporary / Permanent Employment or Unemployed

Aims and Objectives

Since majority of workforce in New York are based on Temporary Assignments, like you do. PGT Aims to provide you support in finding better paying jobs, if possible permanent Jobs by providing you required information through bulletins, in case of joblessness – placement assistance and required Training to secure a good position.

I have seen you in distress due to joblessness, not getting selected, waiting for long time for a confirmation – whether or not you get the job, I have hard time to process your problems that you are facing due to insecure tomorrow.

Now, This is the time to Change your career security level from “insecure” to “potentially secure” Join Proxor’s initiative. Whether its Job hunting or its honing your skills, or learning new skills, We are here for you. Take advantage of us at almost no cost at this moment (see below). We encourage long term relationship, until you feel “secure” in your career.

Members Benefits

  1. Free access to Job Fairs *
  2. Free Training – Utility Jobs *2
  3. Free Placement Services.
  4. Corporate Training
  5. Management Training
  6. Employment Opportunities (In-house).
  7. Free Assistance in Job Hunt.
  8. Free Counselling.
  9. Free Interview preparations.
  10. Personality Development.
  11. Communication Skills Development
  12. Technical Training
  13. Supervisor’s Training

All at a negligible cost of $11.99

General Enrolment Fee: $54.99

Enrolment cost can be waived off if you qualify*, If requested for waiver, an Interview may be required.

Please fill Up Registration Form

We will contact you as soon as possible.

Please contact us directly at for any valid discount or applicable offers.

Please Be aware that, after expiration of the offer, we will only be able to accept membership at a regular fee $75 per month.

Thank You !

Sd/. President, PGT

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